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“PAY BY” [your brand]

How a branded mobile wallet can personalise transactions and drive up transaction value, engagement and customer spendIng.

In a world where ‘every fan truly counts’ personalisation is key – adding the Fortress ‘Pay By’ function is key to achieving this.


Millions of transactions happen in your venue each year. Most of which are customer anonymous; you have no way of knowing which fan or visitor is paying and for what. When a fan pays with traditional payment methods (Debit, Credit, Apple Pay, PayPal) you certainly capture transaction details, but the identity of the fan remains hidden. By offering a personalised payment method processed (by Fortress Payments module) through your own eco-system you not only capture valuable customer data but also now have the opportunity of delivering in real-time incentives, promos and value to the fan that increases transaction size and overall spend.


The Pay By feature enables our clients to offer their own branded payment option – “Arsenal Pay”, “Posh Pay”, “Dodgers Pay” as examples. Open to all members through your member account / mobile app – fans can opt to pay at each point of transaction (@concessions, in store retail, ticketing, mobile ordering, ecomm) using their personalised mobile wallet. Why would they opt for this – well because by selecting to Pay By their personalised wallet they get access to discounts, cashback, points, instant wins, offers and rewards that are personal to them and not available if they used other payment options. There is real value to the fan as every fan counts.


Here are some ways that clients are using this “Pay By” feature:


  1. Season Ticket Reward Credit – pre-load funds into the Season Ticket Holders wallet as a benefit of renewing.

  2. Loaded Value Tickets –power up your ticket sales with a packaged ticket – ticket + £x to spend in game, ticket + Meal deal. Make your tickets more attractive.

  3. Digital Gift Cards - offer a gifting product to fans that can be spent on purchasing future tickets or in venue.

  4. Payment based Incentives – fans can attach their debit & credit card to their “Pay By” wallet (via the member portal) and simply select scan your member card at point of transaction. The transaction is processed via Fortress secure payment gateway directly with their card on file (a process called direct authorisation). Discounts, Cashback, Point rewards are calculated and applied automatically.

  5. Earn Towards – offer your fans a cashback incentive to fans so they can save towards their next ticket is a great way of keeping them engaged and driving spend through your channels. Cashback is a better than a discount as it enables the team to be more generous with the incentive at less of a true cost.


Ultimately channelling spend through your our branded “Pay By” button drives up propensity to spend, basket size and total earnings per customer. Clients see a 20%-25% uptick in per caps by fans opting to use their mobile wallet. Last season alone some $50m was processed through our fintech platform and this goes straight to the bottom-line of our sports clients.


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