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3 things every club should do in 2024 to earn more money (don’t wait)

Want some easy wins in 2024 – ways to impress your boss, easy to set-up and easy ways to generate money? Well here are three proven ways (we call the activations) that any sports club can do in 2024 to make a difference to tickets sales and revenues.



1) SELL MORE TICKETS BY CREATING A TICKET “PLUS” OFFER – want to drive sales for low attended games then add an incentive to each ticket sold.  Take some of your lowest attended games last year and when these go on-sale in 2024 offer a ticket + incentive for the same price. Here are some examples:


A ticket + x% off food at the game

A ticket + a free beer

A ticket + £ x to spend at the game on food, drinks or merch (loaded value)

A ticket + a free giveaway (our US clients love these – Bobble Heads, T-Shirts)


These activations are easy to be set up – just add a new product code in the ticketing system and Fortress automates the rest. Get the offer right (and marketed well) and this approach is proven to push the sales of tickets for specific games.


The incentive can either be funded by the Team directly (don’t forget you are getting the sale revenue), and or you can offset part of the activation cost by linking a sponsor to the activations – “brought to you by”.


2)    INCREASE YOUR SEASON TICKET SALES (and RENEWAL RATES) BY OFFERING A “CASH-BACK” INCENTIVES – many teams offer their season ticket holders a discount to renew or sign up early – don’t! Instead take that discount, add some more, and then offer the higher amount back to the fan as a “RENEWAL CREDIT” – a cashback incentive with preloaded funds that can be spent at concessions, retail, e-commerce through-out the year. Further incentivise them by offering additional cashback to their club account on any spend throughout the season. Cashback expires at the end of the year, so give them plenty of ways to spend. The great thing is that it not only drives renewals, attendance, but also the game day spend (+15%) by each fan.


3)    TURN YOUR ACCESS SCANNERS INTO A NEW SPONSORABLE ASSET – you have hundreds of thousands of eager fans scanning into your stadium each year. If you have the latest Fortress ticket scanners, the ones with the 8”screens, you are lucky as now you can display sponsor logos and static banner ads on these screens. These will not slow down access but display a static message from the sponsor – for instance “game night pizza from Domino’s”. Not video or ads - but simple eye catching images, that relate to the sponsor or event. The good news is that you can sell the space around the stadium to different sponsors and merchants for each game (or event throughout the year). Corporate entrances, for instance, may run a different visual. This is a few £1000s of new revenue per event. Above all you can be creative with this space.


That’s it - 3 easy money-making things that you can do in 2024. The good news is that Fortress can literally switch these on for you, so speak to your account manager today and make 2024 more successful and get your long deserved promotion.



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