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Reinventing fan engagement with personalized engagement using AI and ML.


Using data to drive successful fan engagement strategies is not a new concept. Up until recently, however, fan data has been undervalued and certainly underutilized by sports teams around the world. With modern artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, teams can now use fan data to revolutionize their business – increasing sales, fan experience, and brand value. Data-driven customer activations allow sports teams and venues to invoke specific customer behaviors to hit financial objectives, such as increased ticket sales, renewals, and attendance levels, game-time per caps, sponsor deal size, and to optimize the value of their long-lasting relationships with their fan base.


Personalization is the next level of automated targeting – be it a service, a message, or an incentive offer. It takes into account who exactly you are targeting in your engagement offering and how you can customize the offer depending on the specific fan, location, event, and desired business impact. Up until recently, sports teams primarily used basic segmentation methods (ticket type, age, gender) to aid in profiling their fan base and to differentiate segments by splitting between demographics and desired behavior. Truth be told, these approaches were often too generalist and lacked the element of feeling personal. Sports fans, at their heart, are loyal to their team. What they want is to be recognized for this loyalty and feel part of the community; it’s an emotional affinity and recognition that they seek. By using AI, we can today automate much of the process of transactional personalization.

The Fortress InSite platform, with its AI-enhanced technology, allows for connected payment and loyalty systems to collect and process your fan data in real-time and act quickly to provide personalized, relevant services, offers, which create a seamless “recognized” experience and enhance overall engagement.


What does this offer for Sports Teams – well it not only directly impacts your profitability and value but optimizing sales, attendance, audience data and sponsor value. As a target we seek to generate an additional $20 annual recurring revenue (ARR) from each fan on your database. But it also does more – it delivers a return on experience – making your fans feel more recognised, respected and committed to the community.


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