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10 Steps to operating a safe stadium - Covid Protocols

As Sports Teams and Venues review possible steps to help ease the fans back into the building when the time is right sports teams and Leagues are looking at how social distancing and locked down stadiums will impact operations and what methods and tools can be used to support the restarting of sports in the UK and USA.

As one of the leading Sports Technology businesses Fortress has been working alongside our 150 sports teams to develop services and strategies that will best support the teams in this task. There is a no magic solutions, but a number of themes have emerged that clients are implementing with the support of Fortress. This paper is an update on these initiatives.

The 10 pointers below are some guidelines as to how a safe stadium environment may be maintained.


  1. Contactless Ticketing - Maintain safe social distancing between visitors and your staff by implementing the latest generation of self-scan technology and contactless ticketing. Fans can scan their own tickets with your staff watching from a safe distance (with a smile).

  2. Colour Coded Lanes - Reinforce distancing by using colour coded lanes, measured boxes on floor, and traffic light systems to hold fans in a safe space. Release them through security and ticket scan one by one group at a time.

  3. Designated Gates – spread the load by pre-assigning a ticket to a specific lane and entry scanner (indicated on ticket).

  4. Resolution Zones - Visitors with ticketing issues should be directed to a specific resolution zone, staff should be able resolve issues in a protected environment and then use a dedicated scanner to allow access to the venue.

  5. Clean Zones - venues should plan to designate a specific level or area within the building as a "clean zone". Visitors who consider themselves vulnerable (either through age or condition) should be able to pre-register for this zone. This zone should have a specific entry process away from others and be limited to low occupancy levels so social distancing can be maintained for all.

  6. Health questionnaires & Temperature Pre-Checks - All staff, suppliers and accredited personal should be sent a health questionnaire before attending the event, and have a temperature scan at a pre-check station. All visitors into the "clean zone" should also have a temperature check. A step further would be to set-up pre-check stations before visitors start to queue for security and entry.

  7. Going Cashless - remove dirty cash by "going cashless" through-out. Easy to deploy cashless solutions can remove another point of close interaction between staff and the visitor. Switch it around by linking to loyalty and reward benefits.

  8. Pre-Packaged Services - Along with cashless, sell pre-packaged food, pick and go drinks, and use the latest click and collect technology to speed up food service and remove those queues.

  9. In-Seat Ordering - Never an easy solution in a full venue, but if the numbers are limited then in-seat service becomes a viable option.

  10. Good old fashioned hygiene - Nothing is more effective than good old fashioned hygiene - clean, clean & clean again. This means that stadiums will need to double / triple their sanitisation regimes, before, during, after each event.

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